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Join an upcoming Happiness Team!
Virtual Happiness Team Workshop – May 27-29

Happiness Team is a life-changing, 3-month intensive workshop led by me, Tal Tsfany. This workshop is my attempt to systematize the “pursuit of happiness,” using philosopher Ayn Rand’s deep discoveries. It is based on my decade-long effort to unravel the challenging process of knowing yourself, what you want and how to go after it. In this workshop, you will explore your passions, values, and inner emotional world. You will consciously select and pursue values that will enrich your life, heighten your self-esteem and increase your happiness.

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The Happiness Team Process


Connect with who you are and what you love about life. Study the types of activities, relationships, and environments that animate you. Values you discover here will become your happiness building blocks.​


Structure your values. All values compete for the same resource – your time – so it’s important to prioritize and understand how your values fit together.


Select the right value for pursuit. Consider your values on a deeper level and project how each will impact your life’s trajectory. Build the reasoning, planning, and motivation to commit to action.

Pursuit & Monitoring

Get things done. It’s time to go after your chosen value relentlessly. Track progress with your Happiness Team. They will keep you focused and help you overcome obstacles. Monitor your inner world and use introspective tools to get your project unstuck.


Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.