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2 Day intensive virtual workshop

Dates: February 11-12

Happiness Is an Achievement

What is happiness? How do you experience it? Is it about being happy or “doing” happy? Is it about having the right philosophy, morals, psychology, life skills, habits . . . or all of the above?

We were brought into this world without a user manual. The Happiness Team is designed to be the manual you never got, guiding you toward a state of true human thriving.

Happiness Team is a life-changing, intensive workshop and accountability team led by me, Tal Tsfany. It’s my attempt to systematize the “pursuit of happiness,” using philosopher Ayn Rand’s deep life-serving discoveries. It’s based on my decade-long effort to unravel the challenging process of knowing yourself, what you want, how to get it, and how to build your happiness in the process.

In this workshop, you will explore your passions, values, and inner emotional world. You will consciously select and pursue values that will enrich your life, heighten your self-esteem and increase your level of happiness.

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The Happiness Team Process


Connect with who you are and what you love about life. Study the types of activities, relationships, and environments that animate you. Values you discover here will become your happiness building blocks.​


Structure your values. All values compete for the same resource – your time – so it’s important to prioritize and understand how your values fit together.


Select the right value for pursuit. Consider your values on a deeper level and project how each will impact your life’s trajectory. Build the reasoning, planning, and motivation to commit to action.

Pursuit & Monitoring

Get things done. It’s time to go after your chosen value relentlessly. Track progress with your Happiness Team. They will keep you focused and help you overcome obstacles. Monitor your inner world and use introspective tools to get your project unstuck.


“Happiness is knowing who you are, what you love and how to get it.”

 Tal Tsfany

You'll Learn How To . . .

☑️  Prioritize, understand and organize your values

☑️ Troubleshoot your motivation

☑️ Work with your Happiness Team to stay focused and overcome obstacles

☑️ Introspect to and understand your inner emotional world

☑️ Go after something you really want and love the pursuit

☑️ Build the reasoning, planning, and motivation to commit to action

☑️ Create a of galaxy of your unique values

☑️ Start seeing the world in terms of what’s important to you

☑️ Think scientifically about your happiness and how to achieve it

Meet Your Host

Since I was a child, philosophical truths were my passion. For me, philosophy was always the starting point for understanding how to live life. But it took me a long time to find scientific answers to life’s big questions.

I also spent three decades in the business world, learning how to get things done, understanding how to make a vision a reality. I built teams, companies and led thousands of people toward remarkable achievements.

Later in life, those two worlds collided. I used the blueprint of rational philosophy, combined with my mastery of getting things done to engineer my own happiness.

I can’t wait to share my system with you.

During our time together we'll focus on

Day 1

What is happiness and how to build a picture of what your unique consciousness requires to achieve that state.

Day 2

How to organize and prioritize your values. Selecting a Spotlight Value that your Happiness Team will help you achieve. The importance of focus and leveraging your Happiness Team for success.

What You'll Get

The Price

For the full 3-day intensive virtual workshop
$ 390
  • Become a part of a community
  • Personal contact with Tal and other coaches
  • Access to a digital workbook and the Happiness Team app
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Dates: February 11-12

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